Sorting by patient name

One of customer has the following idea:

"One of my suggestions would be to add ability to sort the patient list on the iPad by alphabet of patients name -> when the hospital has a large number of patients this would help save time."

Would you find this helpful as well?

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It would be great to have the ability to control the order of the patients on our Whiteboards, similar to how we can now re-arrange the order of treatments etc (which we love, thank you!!). 

We have been using the colour assignment to at least group patients together by primary service, that are being hospitalized in the same Department / Ward (for example, all of the neuro patients are grouped together, all of the surgical patients are grouped together, etc), which had been working well. One thing that has recently become time consuming is that because we can create flowsheets in advance of patients being admitted (another feature we are very grateful for, thank you!), these flowsheets of patients coming in the following day, are mixed in with the currently hospitalized patients (right now we have 15 inactive flowsheets mixed in with 18 other flowsheets- it makes quick reference on who we have in hospital etc. difficult, and also increases the amounth of time it takes to scroll through them all, looking for a particular patient. We could assign a specific colour to flowsheets of patients that have been created in advance, so they are at least grouped together, but again, it creates additional steps. 

If we could have control  over re-arranging the list of patients on the Whiteboard, then it would offer versatility and options for hospitals to organize in whatever way that makes sense for them (whether it be alphabetically, by service, by order of kennel # the patient is in, etc). 

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