November 2018 sees the addition of some useful features to improve the day-to-day use of Smart Flow.

Whiteboard style locally saved

Previously, our system worked in such a way that when the Whiteboard style was changed locally on the iPad only, it affected and changed the whiteboard view on all other devices. From now, you can change the whiteboard style on a specific iPad and have no worries as before, the whiteboard style selected will be saved locally and won't affect all other devices! Please read THIS document for details.

Now all Patient Information is displayed on the Anesthetic Sheet and Anesthetic reports

When you open the Anesthetic Sheet and take a look at the Patient Information board you will see the same Patient Information fields as on the flowsheet (further details can be found HERE). Moreover, it now looks the same on the Anesthetic Sheet Records too. 

The ability to access finalized forms from the Note section on iPad

Notes entered into a specific parameter cell now have a time stamp inserted and can be found in the Note section on your iPad. In addition, in this section you can easily find and access any finalized (completed) forms (please click HERE to find more details).

Possibility to change the appearance of the Anesthetic PDF
For your convenience, you can now adjust the content of the Anesthetic PDF according to your needs: Pre-Operative and Emergency Drugs pages could be included or excluded from this PDF. For more details, please read 
THIS document.

We hope you enjoy these new features!