It is possible to adjust the content of the Anesthetic PDF Report according to your needs by including or excluding the Pre-operative and Emergency Drug pages from the report. To do so, please use the manager's web version of the SmartFlow application, go to the Settings section and select Anesthetic sheet. Here you will see two options:

INCLUDE PRE-OPERATIVE PAGE TO PDF: Select YES to include an image of the Pre-operative page as the first page of your Anesthetic Sheet PDF. Select NO to exclude this image. Note that if you do not include this image, this information will still be included to the Anesthetic Records PDF.


INCLUDE EMERGENCY DRUGS PAGE TO PDF: If this option is turned to NO then the Emergency Drugs pages of your patients will be removed from the finale Anesthetic Sheet PDF; when it's toggled to YES - then all your Anesthetic Sheet PDF will have Emergency drugs page included as it was before. Discover more about the Emergency Drugs chart HERE.

We hope you found this information useful!