When the quick dental examination is not enough and you need to record more details about the diagnosis and treatment for each particular tooth, please follow below steps:

1. As soon as you open the Dental Chart, tap on the desired tooth to select. As usual, you can interact with any tooth on the screen (including a side view from above and below), and use the zoom mode (to open it, click the magnifier button in the center of the chart):

NOTE. The buttons of the tooth condition (Extracted, Missing, or Healthy) should not be selected.

2. Once clicked, you can enter specific notes and details about the Diagnosis and Treatment. Also, you can track the procedure duration for each particular tooth, please find more information HERE

For your convenience, there are many options to select from:

  • To avoid uncertainty, certain conditions, such as Tooth State, Periodontal or Mobily, can have only one option selected. 

  •  Multiple selections are available for Enamel and Other, so you can choose as many options as you need.

  • For the Furcation, Gingivitis, Periodontal Pocket, and Gingival Recession the location can also be recorded. Please do not forget to confirm the selection by clicking DONE in the pop-up window:

  • It is possible to enter exact numerical values for the  Periodontal Pocket, and Gingival Recession, just tap on the field, enter the value, and click DONE:


3. You can easily move between the Diagnostics and Treatment sections, just click on the icon to collapse or expand the section:

4. If you made enough mistakes and want to delete all the input data in the section, please click Clear Selection button next to the section name, confirm deletion and start from scratch:

5. Once the detailed records made, click SAVE:

Then you will see detailed dental conditions and/or notes icon near the selected tooth, and you can move on to the next tooth:

NOTE: For your convenience, all abbreviations will be expanded in the Dental Chart report:

We hope you found this information useful!