If you notice that all of a sudden, your iPad's keyboard looks different, don't panic! There are two settings that you may have accidentally switched your keyboard view to, and both can be very easily fixed! The images below show you how the 'unlocked' and the 'split' keyboard options will look on your iPad if accidentally selected via the keyboard.



To fix this:

1. Bring your keyboard up on the iPad

2. Select the little keyboard icon in the Right bottom corner (small square with the down arrow which you normally use to exit out of the keyboard):

3. Instead of tapping this keyboard button once, tap and hold it.

4. A small menu will appear with 2 options: 

  • Dock and Split (in the case of the floating keyboard) 

  • Merge, and Dock and Merge (if you have a split keyboard issue)

5. You will notice that you can't tap on either of these options as they disappear if you lift your fingerOnce you have done the tap-and-hold on the keyboard button and the 2 options appear, slide your figure up to select the change you want to make.

6. Once you let go, the changes will take effect! 

We hope you found this information useful!