A custom whiteboard view allows you to sort patients and organize their presentation.

From the iPad

Your whiteboard allows you to organize the way in which patients are sorted. Click on the Settings tabs from the iPad and a box will open to the left. Here you can choose how you would like your patients to be sorted from a number of options:

From the web

Please go Settings > General. Here from Sorting Option you can select the appropriate sorting:

If you select Custom Sorting Option, your patients will be grouped according to the custom word you entered in the  Custom field when adding or editing a patient. For example, if you enter the word 'Boarding' into the Custom field and set the Custom Sorting Option, any patient with the same custom word 'Boarding' will be grouped on the whiteboard.

NOTE: Be sure to type the custom word exactly the same for each patient you want to group, including capitalization, as this function is case-sensitive: ie 'Boarding' will not be grouped together with 'boarding:

The Custom Sorting Option is also very useful for scenarios such as listing the order of your surgery cases for the day. By entering '#1', '#2', etc. in the Custom field, you can arrange your patients on the whiteboard in order, as you plan to work through your Surgery list for the day.

NOTE: First, the patient will be sorted by the numeric custom number, and then alphabetically:

ALSO NOTE: Any changes made using this Sorting Option, both from the iPad and web, will be applied to all devices with the same SFS account. This means that if you choose, eg. 'Doctor on Duty' on one of your clinic's iPad all your patients will be sorted by the doctor on duty on all devices simultaneously. Therefore, if you use the same SFS account on different devices, please be careful when using this option, as it may affect other users.

We hope you found this information useful!