The Whiteboard Account is a view-only account that should be used when logging into SmartFlow on your TV. For your convenience, use a single login and password pair to enter as many TV Whiteboards in your clinic as you need. What else does logging in this way do? 

  • Being logged in with @whiteboard@ allows you to set the Autologout option to Never and prevent your TV Whiteboard from timing out (see the screenshot below). Other Autologin options can be customized separately, to auto log out of any device after being idle for whatever amount of time you have manually set. This will help prevent an idle login use if someone has forgotten to log out. 

  • The @whiteboard@ login is also set with restricted permissions, so treatments cannot be performed, nor can patients be created or discharged from this login. Also, you cannot access your account settings while signed in to this login.


To start using it, please set up or change your whiteboard password from the SmartFlow manager web account. To do this, go to Settings > Security and click Edit button:

Enter New Password in the pop-up, confirm it and click Change Password:


Then login into your whiteboard browser with @whiteboard@ before your email address and password. Adjust the whiteboard view to display it properly on the TV as described HERE, and that's it:

We hope you found this information useful!