From time to time, the question we get here at SmartFlow is whether or not the program is underperforming and why this happens. There are several common reasons why SmartFlow may seem underperforming or slow. These are:

1. Internet speed
We usually recommend a download speed of 5 Mbps, but this is very different from one clinic to another. Consider how many devices are used at one time (see below). If you only work with 1-2 iPads, 5 Mbps will be more than enough. Internet speed is also very variable within the clinic from one location to another, so please keep track of how far you are from the router, and how many walls there are between it and your device.

What shall I do?
- Check your device's Internet speed:
PC / laptop or iPad.
- Check the Wi-Fi signal level if you suspect there is a wireless signal problem. Whether it's iOS, Android, Mac, or Windows, you should have a Wi-Fi indicator (typically, four to five curved lines make up the Wi-Fi symbol). If all the curves are filled, this means a strong connection, but if there are fewer curves, then there is something wrong with your Wi-Fi signal:

- For huge practices, it may be advisable to provide a ping test in advance, walking around the whole hospital (with our laptop or iPad) to identify and mark somehow locations where you may have problems with sending/receiving data packets.

2. Hardware & Software
For the proper workflow, we advise you to use an iPad of more recent versions with a screen size of 9.7" or greater. It's also very important to work under updated iOS and latest SmartFlow application version.

What shall I do?
Check and update iOS on your iPad(s) along with the SmartFlow application.

3. Size of practice
Another thing to check is the current number of flowsheets and patients in the clinic. If there are hospitalized patients who have more than 14 days on the flowsheet, it can cause your SmartFlow to run a little slower.

What shall I do?
- Check and discharge all patients that are not currently in your clinic.

- Readmit patients with hospitalization for more than 14 days, as described HERE.

If none of the above helps,
 contact our support team to investigate your case.

We hope that this will help you solve your issue!