To be sure you are getting the most from your SmartFlow account, we might ask you to run a ping test. What this will do is gather information on your locations Internet infrastructure, checking to make sure the access points are up to par and not dropping packets of data to and from SmartFlow.


It's best to perform this test on all computers using SmartFlow (e.g. reception, surgery suite, treatment room, ICU, various departments, etc.) and iPads.

In order to run this test on the iPad, please follow the steps below:

1. Download the Network Ping Lite application from the App Store  (by MochaSoft) and click GET to download:

NOTE: If you are already signed up for our MDM program, the app will already be installed.

2. After downloading Network Ping Lite, open the app:


3. Change the address in the IP Address to ping section to  


4. Go to each location and run the test. Press the Start button > let this run for 30 seconds to 1 minute > then press StopThis will start a communication with Google and you should then see:

5. Document the data by either:

  • Copying & pasting information into a document or email

  • Taking a screenshot

NOTE: Please always note what location the data is associated with.

6. Click the Clear button before moving to the next area. 

7. Return to the app and repeat the above steps 4-6 in the widest range of areas as possible to get the maximum area of your location's Wi-Fi coverage.

NOTE: Be sure to clear the data in between each location and move onto the next. Be sure to go to at least 4 different locations, then review findings.

What you should expect to see is:

  • Consistent numbers, < 30 ms

  • No widely changing values - e.g. 26 ms, 26 ms, 27 ms, 26 ms

What you do not expect to see:

  • Timed out error 

  • Findings > 30 ms along with widely changing values - e.g. 150 ms, 102 ms, request timeout, 240 ms.

If you do see the timed out error, high numbers and/or wildly changing values along with connectivity issues, please submit a support ticket HERE through the affected device.

We hope you found this information useful!