At SmartFlow we update our software on a regular basis to bring you new features and fix previous issues. We recommend that you always upgrade all iPads within the clinic to the latest application version, as older may be inconsistent. 

1. When a new SmartFlow update is available you will get a Software Update Available pop-up:

NOTE: This pop-up will only appear if you are not currently using the latest version of SmartFlow, so you don't need to check which version you have installed on your device and which version is already available in the App Store, just follow the steps listed below. 

2. Click on Update Now to begin. From here you will be taken to the App Store where you can click on the Update button. Once the update is complete, you will have the option to Open the SmartFlow App: 

NOTE: If you missed the pop-up for any reason, please open the App Store and update the application manually. We also recommend you set up your iPad apps to automatically update, this ensures that no releases are missed and you will enjoy the most recent features of SmartFlow. It's also possible to check whether this option is turned ON or OFF if you're not sure it's set correctly (you can read about it HERE).

Once you are in the SmartFlow app, confirm the version number has been updated by going onto your main whiteboard page on the iPad. In the bottom right-hand corner the App version number and the Device ID be displayed:

ou can always check the number of the latest available version of SmartFlow on our Status page:

NOTE: In case you use an MDM iPad it's crucial to know that it's fully managed by the MDM (Mobile device management) service and thus will always be updated automatically without adjusting any additional settings. 

We hope you found this information useful!