At times it is necessary to be able to create a screen recording/video from the iPad with sound. It is pretty simple and requires the steps below:

1. Select the Screen Recording icon on your control panel (please read THIS article for details):

2. Hold this icon down until a pop up window appears, at the bottom of this window you will see a MICROPHONE button, press this button to set ON, and it will enable sound:

3. After that tap the Screen Recording button and start your recording as usual.

4. When done you can stop the recording and it will automatically save to your gallery with sound.

NOTE: It may happen that the sound can disappear when you try to reopen or send/upload the video from your iPad. To prevent this from happening, please convert video using the Spice application (can be downloaded from the App Store): 

Video conversion will reduce the size of the video file, as well as prevent sound loss.