Once you've implemented all the steps required for an Administrative Setup it's necessary to make sure all parameters from your PIMS database were transferred to SmartFlow successfully. To verify this, please go to the Items section in your SpecVet account:

Under this section we have what we refer to as items available in the SpecVet system, they include Item Details, Inventory, Billing, Pharmacy, Costs/Pricing details, and Categories. Each parameter gets prescribed under a medical coding that should be transferred into SmartFlow. So when we want inventory or billing items to match up in both accounts we need to set this up from the Bill Code List

You may do it for all items persistent in your SpecVet account, choose a specific Category (for example, Pharmacy) or find any required item by its billing code. An alternative option would be clicking on the Bill Codes button and filling in the required line in the search pop-up window appearing right after. Both ways are require nothing more than setting up filters that help you to make the searching process easier:

Once you've chosen the list of items that should be transferred to SmartFlow, it's necessary to push the Send to Smart Flow button at the top right corner:

Depending on the number of parameters you'd like to send a Communication pop-up could appear and will be shown until the process is completed:

Finally, your items will be transferred to your Smart Flow account and should be mapped as described in Mapping your inventory after importing from your PIMS(EMR). Then you can finally enjoy using both SmartFlow and SpecVet systems.

NOTE: If you make any changes to an item in SpecVet system or would like to add a new one you should repeat the steps above manually as there is no automatic update, and that update doesn't get to your SmartFlow account unless you click the Send to Smart flow button for this item again.  

We hope you found this information useful!