As soon as you're logged into your SpecVet account there are some initial settings that should be adjusted in order to initiate Smart Flow integration.

Please, open the Setup page, click on the icon at the bottom left corner of your screen:

You will see a bunch of setup options available. You will need to select the Settings option under the Administrative column:

Once it's selected, you should enter 'sfs' into the Filter line to differentiate it from other settings available. There you will see quite a number of different sfs settings such as: APIKey, Depts, AdmitOverride, etc. 

The main ones you should check are the APIKey (it's taken from you Smart Flow account under EMR settings), the URL that SpecVet goes to, and Integration status showing whether you're integrated (Param Value = 1) or not  (Param Value = 0).  

Under Depts and Templates it is possible to view all the available departments and template for each particular location/site indicating its Hierarchy and Identifiers (find more on how to set up and sync different locations/sites). Under Depts option > Param Value you can see a specific number set to each department which will be used for syncing purposes:

Also you can view all available treatment templates under the Templates option > Param Value for each particular location/site:

The Admit and Discharge options are responsible for automatic patient transfer between SpecVet and Smart Flow. If you would like to have an automatic admission to Smart Flow, the Admit option should be turned ON (Param Value = 1). If you want to have the patient discharged from Smart Flow, please ensure that the Discharge option is also switched to ON (Param Value = 1)

NOTE: This option can also be customized for any particular location/site indicating its Hierarchy and Identifiers. 

If you have the Admit integration turned on we also need to set up:

- What default template should be used to create a flowsheet - under Default Admit option:


- A default department for the patient admission - under the Admit Override option:

NOTE: The Pharm Value in this case corresponds to the number assigned to a particular department under Depts option for the corresponding location/site.