You can change the department / whiteboard where the patient is located, both from the web and iPad. Also, you can choose multiple whiteboards for a single patient when necessary! To find out how, please follow the instructions below: 

From the web

Open the patient flowsheet and click Edit Patient:

Then click in the Whiteboard field > click backspace button on your keyboard to remove current whiteboard (e.g. Treatment Room) > and then select required whiteboard to move the patient (e.g. Cardiology):

Once completed, click DONE to save the changes:

From the iPad

1. Enter the editing mode while in the patient's Flowsheet:

2. Tap in anywhere inside the Patient Information area:


Open the menu (...) and tap on Edit Info:

3. Tap on the whiteboard the patient is currently in:

4. Select the single whiteboard where you want to transfer the patient, and tap Apply

5. Confirm he whiteboard changes in the pop-up window by tapping YES, and than Save to save changes:

We hope you found this information useful!