Yes! From December 2020, Animana supports the automatic attachment of PDF Patient Records and Dental Chart photos from SmartFlow. To use this feature, please set up your SmartFlow account as described below:

Open your SmartFlow web Manger account > click on the user icon in the upper right corner > go to the Settings > Document Management and set the Export Documents to EMR to YES

Also, we recommend setting Merge Reports Into One PDF toggle to NO. This will allow you to have Forms, Anesthetic Sheet, Dental Chart reports and photos attached in realtime into Animana upon finalization. These files will be added separately and named accordingly so you can easily find what you need without waiting for the discharge.

NOTE: If your reports are configured to merge, they will continue to be attached to Animana as the only generalized file at the time of patient discharge.

From this page, it is also possible to adjust the list of the Files to Retain After Discharge:


For any records, you do not need to save after the patient's discharge, set the toggle to NO.

NOTE: Once a patient is discharged, you can still access and download PDF Records from the Archive and upload them to your Animana account manually. 

We hope you found this information useful!