Before using Find iPhone to locate all your clinic iPads you must set up iCloud using the same Apple ID on each iPad in your clinic (see meet minimum system requirements), and have Find iPhone enabled on each device. 

1. You can check if everything is set properly for your iCloud by launching the Settings app on your iPads. If Find My iPad or Find my iPhone is turned OFF, tap to turn it ON also switching both Find My iPad and Send Last Location - On:

2. Once everything is checked, launch the Find iPhone app on your iPad:

3. Enter your Apple ID, Password, and tap Sign In:
4. Right after that please wait a few moments while Locating is completed (till it's done you'll see a compass at the center of the screen):

5. Tap Allow to give the Find iPhone app access to your location:
6 .Then choose Turn On to enable sending of your iPad last location:

7 .Once it's done you'll be offered to put on the name of the device you'd like to track. After that you can pinch and zoom in order to view the map more closely, or tap on Actions at the bottom to see your options: 

There are 3 options available and the same in the web view of iCloud: Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase (you can find out more about using Find My iPad on the web HERE).

PLEASE NOTE: If you believe your device to be lost or stolen and its battery charge level becomes critically low, its location is sent to Apple automatically. Not only can you track a lost iPhone, iPad, or Mac on the web, you can also download the free Find My iPhone app from the App Store if you don't already have it installed.