Smart Flow's Development Team has been working hard at making some changes for December 2016! 

Without further ado, Smart Flow would like to introduce a brand new feature.

1. Client Self Check-In Admission Form


 It can be accessed on the iPad by pressing the '+' button on the left-hand side.



This means clients will now have the ability, from the iPad, to fill out their own information, take a photo of their pet, enter a reason for their visit and update as well as entering the name of their regular clinic (should your facility be an emergency hospital) all while waiting in the waiting room. Upon completion of the form, a signature will be required by free draw and clients will then be prompted to return the iPad to a receptionist. 


Staff will be prompted to enter a password to return to either the Whiteboard or a new admission form. Passwords can be changed on the web application under the "Settings" page (the default password is 0000). The patient has now been created and added to the Whiteboard! 

To later view the information entered by the client, on the web go to 'Edit Patient', then click the 'Client Self Check-In' button on the top left.

This will then give you the information that the client entered, so it can be entered into your non-integrated EMR. 

Please note this will create a patient without a weight. This is also a new feature of the latest update!

eVetPractice & ezyVet forms are now integrated, so a patient created in Smart Flow using the forms functionality will now also create the patient in eVetPractice / ezyVet.

A list of EMRs that integrate their patient creation with Smart Flow can be found HERE

2. Patients can now be admitted without entering a weight.
A weight of '0' can now be entered, should an emergency happen and a weight is not acquired at the time of admission. By default, the admission form will also enter 0 as the patient's weight. This will show up as a double dash line in the patient's file. Before a medication can be added to the treatment sheet, a warning will appear to prompt you to weigh your patient. 


Part of this new feature is that whenever the weight in Smart Flow is changed for a patient, Smart Flow will now prompt you asking if you would like all medications and weight dependent tasks to be recalculated. 

3. Cubex will sync with Smart Flow automatically

Previously Cubex users had to press a 'Sync with Cubex' button to send medication profiles from Smart Flow to Cubex. Now, the 'Sync with Cubex' button will no longer be available, as all profiles will be sent automatically from Smart Flow to Cubex. 


Ensure that each patient has their specific 'Patient File Number' entered in Cubex as well as Smart Flow, otherwise, you will receive an error message. 


However, as soon as Smart Flow and Cubex both have the patient file number entered, profiles will be sent to Cubex and medications will be available. 

4. Clinic logos can now be uploaded to show on the Client Self Check-In sheet

Since the new Admission form includes a clinics logo, this can now be uploaded. To upload a new logo, log into your Smart Flow, go to 'Settings', then 'General', then you will see this: 


Click upload image, and your image will be viewable on your admission form!