The following is an example of the admission forms functionality that was created in December 2016!


It can be accessed on the iPad by pressing the '+' button on the left-hand side and a drop-down list of your forms will appear: 

This means clients will now have the ability, from the iPad, to fill out their own information, take a photo of their pet, & enter a reason for their visit. Upon completion of the form, a signature will be required by free draw and clients will then be prompted to return the iPad to a receptionist. Once the form has successfully been filled out and saved, you will then have the option to "GO TO WHITEBOARD" or "New Admission Form".


Staff will be prompted to enter a passcode to return to either the Whiteboard, or a new admission form:

Passcodes can be changed on the web application under the "Settings" -> "Security" page. The patient has now been created and added to the Whiteboard! 

From a patients flowsheet you will also have the option to create a form. The dashboard button is above the patient information area as seen below:

Choose Forms from the menu that appears:


Then choose a form from a drop-down list that will appear.

Here is a video where Dr. Ivan clearly demonstrates how to use the forms:

(please note you may need to copy & paste the above link into your web browser)

Form integration:

eVetPractice & ezyVet forms are now integrated, so a patient created in Smart Flow using the forms functionality will now also create the patient in eVetPractice / ezyVet.

For information on how to start using this form functionality, please see our guide to creating forms.