Our goal is to improve your daily experience with Smart Flow with each new release. That is why we are pleased to update you on some changes relating to our application usage. 

Parameters order on the Flowsheet
Previously when changing a template it would appear that the order of the parameters is changing/not what you would expect. This is because previously the parameter order would respected from the initial template not the new one you are changing to. From now, you can be sure that after changing the treatment template for a patient, the order of the parameters will be the same as in the selected new template. Moreover, the Add Treatments option will become more convenient, since it will no longer lead to unexpected changes. When adding treatments you have two options available, to Add or Merge.

If you want to avoid having duplicated parameters, please use the Merge option. In this case, all the “new” parameters will be added to the bottom of the Flowsheet in the same sequence saved for the template you merged. To add the entire treatment template to your current flowsheet, please select the Add option. In this case, the additional template (including duplicate parameters) will be displayed under the current Flowsheet precisely as it is (with the same highlighting and order). More information about these options can be found HERE

We hope you enjoy these new features!