Once the initial account is set up you can following the steps below to connect the patient with Smart Flow:

1. First of all, it's necessary to create a client to whom the patient will be assigned. For this, go to Clients & Patients tab and click New Client button:

2. Enter all the necessary information about the client and click Save:

3. As soon as a Client is added to the Provet Cloud system you’ll be redirected to the page below where you should click +Patient button, to start the patient creation process. Please fill out all necessary fields:

4. After this you can add an appointment for the needed patient created by clicking +Appointment button:

5. Please enter the details for an appointment and schedule the time:

6. You are almost done with the patient creation in Provet Cloud and could send the patient to Smart Flow. To do so, please go to the Consultation history section and click on the green Stethoscope button at the bottom right corner:

7. And then simply mark this patient as an Inpatient in Provet Cloud as it's shown on the screenshot below:

8. In a couple of seconds the patient will appear on your Smart Flow whiteboard:

NOTE: If the client and the patient are already created in Provet Cloud, just skip the first two steps and go straight to scheduling an appointment. 

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