There are several possible ways to change the billing option for a parameter. 

Turn the billing ON/OFF from the Flowsheet

It is possible to change the parameter billing option directly from the patient's flowsheet. If you enable this feature in the SmartFlow account settings, you will be able to turn the billing ON/OFF for any particular parameter or treatment event on the flowsheet. 

NOTE: This change will not affect other active patients, but will be implemented only for the current flowsheet and can be further saved as a treatment template.

So, if the Billing toggle is already enabled in the Settings:

Go to the patient's flowsheet and click on the parameter/treatment cell you would like to change. In a pop-up window, you can choose whether the parameter is billable or not for by switching the toggle ON or OFF

NOTE: When this is set to ON, the item will be included into the billing report (or directly to your EMR if integrated) each time an entry is made in a cell. Please read THIS article to learn more about how to distinguish between billable and non-billable items in a flowsheet.

If you would like to include Note entry as a billing item, please refer to THIS article.

Turn the billing ON/OFF for a group of parameters

It is also possible to change the billing settings of a group of parameters from the SmartFlow account Settings. In this case, the changes will be applied to all active patients and treatment sheets. To do this, please follow the steps below:

1. Open your manager's web SmartFlow account > Settings > Parameters. From here, mark multiple parameters by clicking on the box beside their name and click Edit Selected:

2. Turn Billing ON or OFF, and then click Update: 

NOTE: Please be aware that parameter changes will be applied to all active patients and flowsheets. 

We hope you found this information useful!