Hi all! Our wonderful Smart Flow Development Team is back at it again and has come up with some sweet new features for Summer 2017. 

These feature will be available with the iPad version 12.0 - available in app stores mid August 2017. 

Drop Down Menus on the Web 

Drop down menus have existed on the iPad app version of Smart Flow for a while now, but are now available on the web as well! When you click in a cell, a drop down of suggestions that you can select will appear. You also have the option of typing into the cell to override the options. To change these options, you have to go to Settings - Parameters, then edit the 'picker type' for your chosen parameter to 'drop down'. From here, you will be able to enter drop down options that will appear for that parameter, both from the web as well as the iPad. 

Picker Lists Will Prompt to Pick a Billable Item

We had a feature request to add a dropdown list of existing parameters to a new 'Parent' parameter to create a Picker List. You will be have the ability to select from a defined set of parameters in a drop down and have the client be charged accordingly. So if you have a parameter of 'Catheter' set up with a picker list of various gauges (ex 5Fr, 6Fr or 7Fr): when this parameter is added onto a flowsheet, and you press the cell, you will be prompted to select one of the gauges from a drop down menu. The corresponding price will then be sent to your billing report.

EzyVet Users Notice: "Picker list" is not billing in ezyVet yet. We will update as soon as it is available.


To set these up, you will go to Settings - Parameters, then add a new parameter and name it whatever you would like your picker list to be called. For 'picker type' then select 'picker list'. From here, you will be able to add unlimited existing parameters to a picker list. Please note that the parameters you select will have to have been already created, as well as mapped appropriately if you have an integrated EMR, and medications will not be applicable to Picker Lists. Billing will be determined by the parameter within the picker list, so ensure that the parameter itself has the billing set to 'ON' or 'OFF'. Also please note that these picker lists will not be available on the Anesthetic Preoperative page. 

Parameters Are No Longer Restricted to a Specific Section

Up until now, parameters have been in only one section. This means that up until now you had to have multiple parameters with the same name if you wanted them to be in different sections. 

Now, all the parameters are divided into two groups: medications and non-medications, making it much easier to avoid duplicate parameters. Medications can be added to flowsheet only in the "Medication" section. Non-medications can be added in different section excluding "Medication".

Inline Text Entering on the Web

Another great new feature on the web is that you will be able to enter information directly into the cell, rather than in the pop up that a given cell creates. When you press enter, this will also skip directly to the next cell. Information from the previous cell will be saved to make entering information into the flowsheet even easier. 

If you would like to use the old way of entering information, by having a window pop up, you can right click on any cell. 

Green Billing Triangle on Tasks

Much like billable items on the flowsheet, tasks will now have a green triangle in the bottom to signal that they are billable parameters, and will be sent to your billing pdf, or directly to the patient's bill in integrated EMRs. 

Medication Units on Flowsheets

Currently, when entering in a number into a cell for a medication on a flowsheet, Smart Flow will assume you mean ml. However, some clinics choose to use the 'total mg' option on medications for the 'Show on Flowsheet' prompt. Now, the units that correspond to your 'Show on Flowsheet' prompt will be added into the Medical Record PDF after the numbers you enter into the cell on flowsheets. So if you chose to show 'Total mg' for a medication, and you enter '5' into a cell, Smart Flow will add 'mg' after the 5 into the Medical Record. 

It will also calculate the total volume that you use, based on the mg that you enter into the flowsheet and the concentration of the drug. This total ml will then appear on your billing PDF, or be sent directly to your EMR given that you have integration, so the appropriate amount of the drug can be billed for. 

For example: You are giving a patient 5 mg of 10 mg/ml of a drug. You have opted to show 'total mg' on your 'Show on Flowsheet' prompt, and you enter '5' into the cell. Smart Flow will show that you have given 5 mg of the drug, and will also show that you gave a total volume of 0.5ml on your billing pdf. 

Default 'Show on Flowsheet' Option

Up until now, all medications have defaulted to showing 'total dose' on the flowsheets. Now, you will be able to set a default setting for this, so you don't have to manually change it to 'total mg' or 'total ml' each time you add a new medication. To change to the desired default, go to Settings - General. There will be a new option for 'Medication Units'! 

PDFs will now show units 

You will now be able to view units of the medications that you have given a patient in the 'Medical Records' PDF that Smart Flow creates. 

IV Catheter Locations

Previously you had only 3 options for the location of your catheter. Now, you will still have your previous options of jugular, cephalic and saphenous, but now you will be able to override this with your own typed characters. Your other options regarding length, placement, and date put in will remain the same. 

Weight is no Longer Necessary

Previously, a weight had to be entered in order to create a patient in Smart Flow. Now, you are able to create a patient in Smart Flow without needing to enter a weight. This will make it easier to quickly and efficiently create a patient in Smart Flow, especially in emergency situations.

Video overview of the changes in this release