Once you have completed the initial Synchronization, you will be able to send a patient to Smart Flow directly from your Diary dashboard. 

For this, open the Diary dashboard, right click on an Appointment, and click Send to Smart Flow or Arrive and Send to Smart Flow buttons:

Arrive and Send to Smart Flow will not only make the patient appear in Smart Flow interface, but will also indicate that the patient is in the building. It is a status update and if you choose this option, your appointment turns red:

Send to Smart Flow option is handy if you want to set up the patient record in advance, i.e. get the forms ready, outline treatments etc. 

After your patient is admitted to Smart Flow by choosing one of the options described above, a little window will open up for you:

In here, you will specify the following:

  • Department: This will indicate the Whiteboard to which the patient will be admitted.

  • Template: This is a Smart Flow treatment template that you choose to use for this patient.

  • Cage number: You can populate this field if you have allocated the cage for this patient already.

  • Weight: This field will auto-populate based on the last weight recorded in Merlin for this patient. 

  • Est. Days: This will define the number of flowsheets that will be created in Smart Flow (this field is particularly useful for the cases when you admit the patient to Boarding whiteboard for a pre-defined number of days).

  • Caution: By flagging this one you will add a caution banner to the patient's info. 

  • DNR: At this point, this feature is not functioning properly, so even if you apply this flag it will not be rendered in Smart Flow. If you need to indicate this for a particular patient, please follow the instruction given HERE

  • Color: This lets you choose a specific color for the patient in Smart Flow.

Once you have filled out all the information in this pop-up window, hit Save. If the patient already exists in Smart Flow, you will be prompted to choose whether you want to delete the existing record and create a new one. If you choose Yes, the patient's info will be re-submitted and the new patient will be created in accordance to your last specifications.

NOTE: When the patient is sent to Smart Flow a Doctor on Duty will not be specified automatically. If you execute charges within Smart Flow they will still be sent to Merlin however, the surgeon they are added against in the pre-invoice may not be accurate. To avoid any chance of issues we suggest specifying the Doctor on Duty inside Smart Flow as soon as you know who this will be, any charges executed within Smart Flow after the Doctor on Duty has been specified will appear on the pre-invoice with the correct surgeons name.

We hope you found this information useful!