Sure, it is possible to delete any item from the drop-down menu within SmartFlow application using your iPad. 

To delete treatment Templates, Anesthetic Sheet & Preoperative template, as well as any other items that appear in the freetype drop-down menu, slide your finger to the left while touching the item on the screen. In this case, the Delete button will appear, tap it, and the item is gone: 

NOTE: For your convenience, you can manage the items of the freetype drop-down fields (such as Species, Bread, Color lists marked with asterisks below in the text) using the SmartFlow web version, please find more details HERE

ALSO NOTE: If you tap the Delete button, and nothing happens, please make sure that the list is not locked for editing (see THIS article). 

It is possible to use this Delete feature on iPad to remove the below sections: 

From the Edit Info page:

- Quick Info tab

  • Doctors on Duty* (except those imported from PIMS);

  • Problem List* items;

- General tab

  • Doctors on Duty* (except those imported from PIMS);

- Patient tab

  • Species*;

  • Breed*;

  • Color*;

- Client tab

  • City*;

  • State*;

  • Zip*;

- Problem List tab

  • Problem List* items;

From the Select a Template:

From the Preoperative page:

  • Doctor* (except those imported from PIMS);  

  • Anesthetist* (except those imported from PIMS);

  • Assistant* (except those imported from PIMS);

  • Species*;

  • Breed*;

  • Preoperative Template (except the templates that are locked for editing);

  • Procedure*;

  • Circuit*;

From the Medication and Fluid parameters:

  • Additives* (e.g. Dextrose, KCl);

  • Additives Concentration*;

  • Additives Measure* (e.g. %, IU, IU/ml,etc.);

  • Medication Route* (e.g. Into Bag, IV, Epidural, etc.);

  • Medication Dosage Volume* (e.g. per eye, per kg, per cat, etc.);

  • Medication Dosage Measure* (e.g. drop, ml, mEq, etc.);

NOTE: This Delete feature is not available for deleting parameters on the patient's flowsheet from the iPad:

Also, if you wish to remove doctor(s) imported from your PIMS, you will have to do it through your PIMS panel. After the doctor is removed, it should automatically sync with SmartFlow so the doctor is no longer present. 

If you experience any difficulties doing this, please contact our Support and provide us with the exact name and/or PIMS code (ID#) of the doctor(s) you wish to remove, & we will make the changes from our side.

We hope you found this information useful!