You can easily add notes, instructions, or comments to any Flowsheet & Anesthetic Sheet parameter or treatment cell. Once added, make sure to adjust the highlighting, so these notes are visible to the rest of the staff. There is no character limit for the notes section, so feel free to write as much as you like. 

Add Instructions/Note for the entire parameter 

For example, you want to give Ampicillin every time a patient has a fever. Add a note as a reminder that will appear when the technician enters the patient's temperature value.

You can do this by clicking on the parameter name (from the iPad, please make sure you are already in the Editing Mode), add the instructions, set the highlighting color, and click DONE / NEXT button:

Each parameter cell that contains a note is indicated by a gray triangle in the upper right corner. However, you can additionally change the highlighting color to alert another user. We recommend having a color scheme within your hospital so that all users know what each specific color means.

This is how notes appear to technicians as they click on the cell:

From the web

From the iPad (tap and hold the cell, as if you want to execute parameter)

NOTE: If you save the flowsheet as a template with any notes made for the entire parameter, they will also be saved for future patients. 

Add Note into a specific celfrom the web

Sometimes you may need to leave a single note for a specific treatment cell. To do this, click on the required cell, enter the note, and press Enter:

NOTE: For your convenience, pressing the Enter will move you to the next cell. 



If you need to change the highlighting for this cell. Right-click on the cell, enter the note, change the color, and press DONE:

Add Note into a specific celfrom the iPad

Tap and hold the cell, as if you want to execute parameter, add a note instead of your initials, and tap Next, which will move you to the next cell

NOTE: All the instructionsnotes added to a specific parameter or treatment cell of the Flowsheet or Anesthetic Sheet will be included in the Medical Record pdf with every treatment execution:

We hope you found this information useful!