With our October 2020 release, we made some significant improvements to our SmartFlow - AVImark integration. You can find out more about the improvements HERE.

With that improvement, any existing items (such as Inventory, and Staff) will be updated with the data from your AVImark server when you click Sync Now button:

This means that if your Doctor on Duty name in SmartFlow was different from your AVImark name for that staff ID, the SmartFlow name will be changed to match what's in AVImark.

NOTE: Staff from AVImark that will synchronize with SmartFlow include people who have a have the User is a Doctor checkbox selected on the staff record: 

If you want to remove some staff after syncing, you can edit them in AVImark and then sync again or contact our support team to hide unwanted users from the list by submitting a support ticket.

We hope you found this information useful!