Below are the steps listed to add a new staff member to Smart Flow without enrolling them in Smart Flow University Training. Please note that to do this you should have Manager permissions.

1. Log into your Smart Flow account from the Web > click on the user icon in the top right corner > select Settings > Users:


2. Here you will find a list of all Smart Flow enrolled users. Navigate to the bottom of the list. Enter the new users First and Last Name along with the email address and Role you wish them to have. Please view a list of available Roles HERE.                     

3. Once all the information has been entered click on Save at the bottom of the page. Then you will see a pop-up window, and will be able to choose Add Users or Add Users with Training:

4. All new users must pass training before accessing Smart Flow. However, if you want to skip training, but allow access, click the Activate button next to the user name:


5. After you click Activate, the new user should receive an email with their login details for Smart Flow.

6. It is possible to enroll users in training at any moment. For this just click Enroll button next to the user's information:

NOTE: It is reasonable to start training at least two weeks before your "go live" date. We highly recommend that all users complete the Smart Flow University Training!

If you have any problems adding a new user or they have not received an email with login information, please contact our 24/7 support.