If you have a question or are experiencing problems we suggest that you first search the FAQ section of our forum (or through the resources tab in your web browser) as there may already be a preexisting solution to your issue. If the answer is not there, please submit a support ticket.  

From the web

To submit a support ticket from the web version of SmartFlow, look to the left of your Whiteboard, there you will see the bug icon. Click on the  icon:

You will be re-directed to our support ticketing system:

From the iPad

If you are experiencing technical difficulties, submit a BUG report from the iPad in question. Look for the same little bug symbol on the left of your whiteboard. Click on this AT THE EXACT TIME you are experiencing issues with your iPad and a report will be sent:

When you press the BUG button, it will send us the last 15 mins of activity from that iPad, allowing our development team to see exactly what is going on and help fix the problem for you. Once it's pushed, the pop-up window will appear and you should choose the Type of the report (issue details can be included here) and Urgency:

NOTE: For your convenience, if phone support is available in your region, upon tapping the bug icon you will now see the phone support contact information displayed.

When submitting a support ticket via the iPad, the bug report will automatically be attached to an email as seen in the example below:

Please include as much information as possible regarding the issue in your email, including pictures or screenshots from your iPad if possible and the Device ID (click and hold within the email and select Photos or Attachments). 

NOTE: Due to strict size limitations the system only accepts attachments that do not exceed 20MB. An option is to use some form of photo/video sharing software, and then you can share the link with us. Emails can be sent to smartflow@idexx.com You can find more information about this HERE.

ALSO NOTE: Due to Mail settings of your iPad, you may find that tapping Send will save the email in the Drafts folder of the mailbox instead of sending the email. To prevent this, after clicking SEND, please open the MAIL application and make sure that the email is sent.

We hope you found this information useful!