Utilization of multiple displays can enable you to get several different separate screens (in Extend mode) as well as have the possibility to display the same picture shared from your PC monitor to an additional display or TV Whiteboard (in Duplicate mode). It is possible to customize the presentation taking your needs into consideration. Usually, the setting for Multiple Displays is located in the Control Panel under Display Settings, however, this may vary depending on the operating system.

First, you need to make sure that TV Whiteboard is connected to your computer by:

- HDMI cable;

- Wirelessly via a mini-computer like the Intel Compute Stick;

- Wireless share screen connection (only for TV with Smart TV functional integrated);

Then setting up the Multiple Displays settings on your PC:

- If you are using a MacBook with iOS, please follow THESE instructions.

- If you are using a PC with Windows OS please press the keyboard combination Win+> choose Extend. Thereafter it is possible to drag any required window to the extended desktop - your TV Whiteboard. If there are any difficulties with this procedure, please read THESE detailed instruction.

Once you have the Extended screen mode set up, go to your whiteboard in Chrome (using incognito mode) > extend the whiteboard view, as shown on the screenshot below, and then drag it over to the TV Whiteboard:

Finally, use the key combination, (taking your operating system into account) to view the display in Full Screen mode.

We hope you found this information useful!