VisionVPM has a scheduled task that runs a check over products used in SmartFlow and makes these products available to be added to the invoice. This check will be taken automatically every 5 minutes unless other specified in the Automation Scheduled Services. To change the frequency, go to Maintenance > Lookup Lists > General > Automated Services > SmartFlow, here in the entry field set the check/sync frequency in minutes. Also, it will show you the last run and last successful run.

NOTE: If this hasn't run for a while and the last successful sync was some time ago, try to edit the entry, disable it, save and then re-enable, or please contact VisionVPM support.

To add the items to the invoice, from the Admission List right-click on the patient (that has been sent to SmartFlow) and click Add Smart Flowsheet items to invoice (X - the number of items will be seen in the brackets):

NOTE: This is only available if products are mapped in SmartFlow correctly, found in the VisionVPM, and haven’t already been added to an invoice.

The invoice that is linked to the clinical record associated with this hospitalization will be opened, prompting for the Vet Code and then a prompt will show the number of items to be added to the invoice:

a. Select Yes to add the products to the invoice.

b. Select No to start a new invoice by clicking Insert and be prompted to add the products from SmartFlow again.  

c. The products will be marked as invoiced when the invoice is saved. 


NOTE: Only the drugs from the Premed and Induction sections of the Anesthetic Sheet will be also picked up by VisionVPM. While 

We hope you found this information useful!