The Dental Chat contains an array of abbreviations that can be recorded under both the Diagnosis and Treatment sections on each individual tooth. These abbreviations have been compiled primarily from the American Veterinary Dental College and Veterinary Dental Specialty clinics. All abbreviations selected on the Dental Chart will be expanded in full in the Dental Chart PDF.



  • PD1 Stage 1 periodontal disease
  • PD2 Stage 2 periodontal disease
  • PD3 Stage 3 periodontal disease
  • PD4 Stage 4 periodontal disease



  • F1 Mild furcation
  • F2 Moderate furcation
  • F3 Severe furcation



  • M1 Mild mobility
  • M2 Moderate mobility
  • M3 Severe mobility



  • GI1 Mild gingivitis
  • GI2 Moderate gingivitis
  • GI3 Severe gingivitis


  • C1 Mild calculus
  • C2 Moderate calculus
  • C3 Severe calculus


  • AB Abrasion
  • AT Attrition
  • CA Caries
  • E/D Enamel defect
  • E/H Enamel hypoplasia
  • E/HM Enamel hypomineralization



  • MAL1/BV Buccoversion 
  • MAL1/DV Distoversion 
  • MAL1/LABV Labioversion 
  • MAL1/LV Linguoversion 
  • MAL1/MV Mesioversion 
  • MAL1/PV Palatoversion 



  • T/FX/EI Enamel infraction 
  • T/FX/EF Enamel fracture 
  • T/FX/UCF Uncomplicated crown fracture 
  • T/FX/CCF Complicated crown fracture 
  • T/FX/UCRF Uncomplicated crown-root facture 
  • T/FX/CCRF Complicated crown-root fracture 
  • T/FX/RF Root fracture



  • TR1 Stage 1 resorption 
  • TR2 Stage 2 resorption
  • TR3 Stage 3 resorption
  • TR4 Stage 4 resorption
  • TR5 Stage 5 resorption



  • DT deciduous tooth
  • DTC Dentigerous cyst
  • CWD Crowding
  • GE Gingival enlargement
  • GH Gingival hyperplasia
  • GM Gingival mass
  • MN/FX Mandibular fracture
  • MX/FX Maxillary fracture
  • OAF Oroantral fistula
  • ONF Oronasal fistula
  • OM Oral mass
  • ROT Rotated tooth
  • RR Internal resorption
  • RRT Retained root tip
  • RTR Retained tooth root
  • SI Intrinsic staining
  • TR Tooth resorption
  • T/NV Non-vital tooth
  • T/PE Pulp exposure
  • T/SN Supernumerary tooth



  • B/E Excisional biopsy
  • B/I Incisional biopsy



  • CR/A Crown amputation
  • CR/L Crown lengthening
  • CR/XP Crown reduction
  • CR/M Metal crown
  • CR/P Crown preparation



  • X Closed extraction of a tooth (without sectioning) 
  • XS Closed extraction of a tooth (with sectioning) 
  • XSS Open extraction of a tooth
  • X Extraction recommended



  • F/AP Apically positioned flap 
  • F/CO Coronally positioned flap
  • F/LA Laterally positioned flap



  • R/C Filling made of composite
  • R/I Filling made of glass ionomer



  • RCT Root canal therapy
  • RO/X Root resection/amputation
  • RP/C Closed root planing 
  • RP/O Open root planing



  • FX/R/EXF External skeletal fixation 
  • FX/R/IAS Interarch splinting (between upper and lower dental arches) 
  • FX/R/IDS Interdental splinting (between teeth within a dental arch) 
  • FX/R/IQS Interquadrant splinting (between left and right upper or lower jaw quadrants) 
  • FX/R/MMF Maxillomandibular fixation (other than muzzling and interarch splinting) 
  • FX/R/MZ Muzzling 
  • FX/R/PL Bone plating 
  • FX/R/WIR/C Wire cerclage 
  • FX/R/WIR/OS Intraosseous wiring



  • DB Dentinal bonding
  • GF/B Bone graft
  • GTR Guided tissue regeneration
  • GV Gingivectomy/gingivoplasty
  • IM Detailed imprint of hard and/or soft tissues
  • IP/AC Acrylic inclined plane
  • OA Orthodontic appliance
  • ONF/R Oronasal fistula repair
  • ODY Odontoplasty 
  • OP Operculectomy
  • PC Pulp capping
  • PCT Doxirobe gel application
  • SC Subgingival curettage
  • T/XP Partial tooth resection
  • VPT Vital pulp therapy

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