We understand that there may be many different cases where it is useful not to choose the patient's sex at admission and fill out this information later. Previously, when creating a new patient the Sex property was filled in by default. This often caused errors because the patient’s sex was not input correctly. Now we are happy to share with you some changes regarding the Sex property that will protect you from inaccuracy and save you time!

Unknown Patient Sex
At any time when you are not sure about the patient's sex (for example, with exotic animals) and / or you want to create a patient for an emergency case, you can skip the Sex property. No gender option is selected (highlighted in blue) in the Patient Creation /Patient Information section: 


The sex will be saved as Unknown - U:

With the new update, Unknown sex is set by default for any new patient. That's why it is possible to create the patient without filling this field, and later, you can choose the right sex option by clicking on it:

Also, when necessary, you can edit the Patient Information and reenter the sex as Unknown by just clicking on the highlighted one.

We hope you enjoy this new feature!