The use of electronic Forms is one of the many ways Smart Flow helps your clinic go paperless. The same forms that you once used in paper version can be created and customized on your Smart Flow application. The great news is that these forms can easily be looked up for any patient from any of the iPads by any staff member at your clinic without having to dig through mountains of paperwork.

It is important to note that your most frequently used forms can be saved as templates for quick access whenever you are checking in a patient (for example you can create and save an Admission Form, Surgery Consent Form, Euthanasia Form).

The first step is to create a Form that can be used for future patients. Thereafter, you can access previously saved forms both when creating a new patient or for existing ones (please learn more on how to use Forms).


Smart Flow Forms are flexible and easy to use, you can preview, update, or delete any existing forms to meet your requirements.


Here is a VIDEO where Dr. Ivan demonstrates Smart Flow Forms functionality.

*Please note that the video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!


We hope you found this information useful!