When you create a clinic account, you enter various details about your practice, such as Practice Name, email, Password, Address, and more. All this information points to your clinic and can be updated/edited at any time (more information can be found HERE). Among them, your IDEXX Clinic ID (also known as SAP ID) is critical to identifying our clients on the IDEXX web portals and databases. This data is vital to our Support team, especially when your case requires a phone call. Therefore, for better service, we may ask you for this information during a phone call. If you are wondering how you could get to it, please follow the below steps.

Login to your SmartFlow web account, click profile icon > Account, then scroll down the page, and find the IDEXX Clinic ID field:

NOTE: In case, this field is empty, or you assume it's incorrect, please contact our Support team. Please be aware, the IDEXX Clinic ID field supports only numeric input. If you enter any letters to this field your IDEXX Clinic ID will not be saved.

We hope you found this information useful!