For your convenience, the SmartFlow - DVMAX integration includes billing. You need to select and send DVMAX items and provider codes to SmartFlow for appropriate billing reporting. To do this, please follow these steps:


1. From General management:


2. Go into Utilities > Integration Setup Wizard:


3. Then click on Select and Send Items:

4. Select the items you are going to use in the SmartFlow:

5. Once the items being selected press Send Items.


NOTE: You can return at any time to select more categories to send over.

ALSO NOTE: Any changes that will be made to an item in the selected category on the DVMAX side will be automatically transferred to SmartFlow. However, if you unselect a category on the DVMAX side, this will not delete items in SmartFlow, but any subsequent changes will not be synchronized.

6. The sending process will take some time; please do not interrupt it. Upon successful sending, you will see changes in the Transfer Status field indicating the number of items transferred:

7. To finalize the items set up, please go to your SmartFlow account and perform an inventory mapping procedure.

We hope you found this information useful!