With this April release, we have added a new enhancement for Level 6 (Manager) users to aid in managing inventory and mapping.

Hide Unused Inventory Parameters 

After syncing with your PIMS and uploading inventory to SmartFlow, you may encounter a situation where some parameters are not yet needed to be mapped in SmartFlow and you may want to hide them from the list. Of course, you can just remove them from the list, but it wouldn't help if you use one of the PIMS integrations that support inventory and staff synchronization - for example, Cornerstone, AVIMark, or ImproMed. In this case, all items will reappear in the list after clicking the Sync button. That's why we recommend using the new Hide feature:

When you click it, the desired parameter will disappear from the list, but will still be accessible from the "hidden parameters" list. So that you can restore it at any time by clicking the Unhide button or simply mapping it:

We hope you enjoy this new feature!