In case you're logged into your clinic's account and unable to locate a delete button for the specific user, there could be two reasons for it.

1. You're trying to delete account under which you're currently logged in. If you open your clinic's Settings > Users, the account that is being in use at the moment will always be situated at the top of the list and won't have a Delete button available.

NOTE: If you'd like to delete some user from the main clinic's account you should be logged under the different credentials with a Manager's permissions (more about different roles and their permissions you can find HERE).

2. If a user email is already used as a Primary one on another account (the difference between Primary and Secondary accounts is described in THIS FAQ). This usually happens when users try to test how SmartFlow works and try to add themselves without Manager's involvement by following instructions described in How do I register for a free trial?

In that case, SmartFlow system recognizes previously created Primary Free Trial account as the main one and each time user tries to log in it opens Free Trial rather than the clinic where this account was added as a user. It's not possible to have two accounts of different types and use both of them at the same time. Thus, to provide the user with the ability to log into your clinic's account, it's crucial to get rid of the Free Trial account first.

NOTE: If you're would like to delete a user and don't see this option available due to the reason above, only our support team together with development team could remove the Free Trial account. We will be happy to do it for you, please find the steps on how to send us a query in this article How to submit a Support ticket or BUG report?

We hope you found this information useful!