IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers. If you previously linked during the BETA phase of the anesthetic monitor integration, that program has been discontinued. Please be aware that our support team can only assist with how-to questions. Unfortunately, we can no longer provide technical assistance for issues encountered aside from the steps documented here: Troubleshooting: What if the surgery monitor is not working properly? Additionally, we no longer provide technical support for the Surgery Admin panel issues.  Any other connection difficulties you will need to contact your IT services to resolve them.


There is an increasing number of multi-parameter anesthetic monitors with the capability to connect directly with SmartFlow through the clinic's internal network. Here are the details for using a Digicare monitor(s) that has already been set up. During the setup process, a small Listener program is installed on a computer in the clinic. The Listener will constantly "listen" to information on the network for data from monitors that are powered on and are on the network. 

To begin, you will need to have a patient checked into SmartFlow and setup on the Digicare monitor. 

NOTE: It is crucial to follow these steps in the described order. Not doing so may result in connection failure.

From the iPad 

1. Create a patient’s anesthetic sheet.


2. Once you open the Anesthesia Sheet, please connect a specific monitor. For this, tap more actions button (...) > Surgery Monitors (Beta):

3. Select the monitor (e.g. DigiSADental, DigiSAMobile or DigiSASurgery) > Connect:

4.  Under Monitoring, a circle icon  •  will appear, it is yellow while connecting and will turn blue once connected:


NOTE: A red circle will appear if there is an error preventing a connection. Should this happen: 

  • Verify you are connected to the correct monitor.

  • Verify on the monitor connection. The settings should be set as follows:

IP Address & Port - Should match the IP address that was set up on the Listener. 

From the Monitor
5. Connect the Monitor to the Anesthesia Sheet: System > Networking: 


Then Connect: 


Please wait for the Connected status, and click Done

NOTE: If it does not connect, close it, and try again.

You should now be connected and the vitals should be auto-populating on the SmartFlow Anesthesia Sheet.

 We hope you found this information useful!