IMPORTANT: We are not currently connecting any new customers as we are working to stabilize this integration feature. If you have previously connected and are already using anesthetic monitor integration, please contact our support if you need assistance.



If your surgery monitor, previously integrated with the Smart Flow, stops working properly for any reason, you can try these troubleshooting steps first. This troubleshooting should help you to restore the monitor connection and data transfer with the Smart Flow. Otherwise, it can help you to gather detailed information about the issue for our Support, which certainly saves time.


  • In case of any errors which you get on the iPad when trying to connect the surgery monitor, please restart Surgery Admin application (SFS Listener) on the PC (where the Surgery Admin application is installed, also known as Host PC, Listener PC) first.
    For this, press Windows button on the PC keyboard > type SERVICES > press Enter > select the SFS.WinServise.Listener.Servefrom the list:

    Then right-button click on the SFS.WinServise.Listener.Server > press Restart.

  • Disable other network connection interfaces on PC, except the wired ethernet connection (please follow this FAQ: How to ensure that the PC has only local connection enabled?).

  • Make sure that you are logged in to the administrator account on Surgery Admin application, and the application runs as administrator.

Then provide PING procedure as described here: How do I verify my Anesthetic Monitor integration settings are correct? 



  • Reboot PC, where the Surgery Admin application is installed, and the surgery monitor.

  • Reboot network gear (switch, router) which provides the connection between the monitor and PC.

  • Check the physical connection between the surgery monitor and PC: cables, switch, etc.

  • Check the monitor’s IP settings.



  • Check and adjust the time zone settings on the PC and iPad. Note, that the time zone on both PC and iPad should be the same.

  • Check and finalize all the anesthetic sheets started before.

Then try to connect the monitor (with at least one sensor) to the anesthetic sheet and start new anesthesia as usual (see How do I connect to a surgery monitor after installation?).


If after clicking the Connect button, you receive an error notification on your iPad, such as:

“Please check if the Surgery Admin app Installed and running properly”


1. Unregister the monitors, reinstall the Surgery Admin application, log in to the administrator account and register the monitors again. NOTE: Surgery Admin application should always run as administrator.


2. If it doesn’t help, please check the whitelist of the firewall & antivirus on the PC or simply turn off the firewall for the troubleshooting period.

"Monitor connection failed, Please check if the monitor connected properly to the network"

If you receive such message but have a successful ping, please: 

1. Unregister and then register the monitor in the Surgery Admin application.


2. Disable other network connection interfaces on PC (using this FAQ: How to ensure that the PC has only local connection enabled?) and surgery monitor, except the wired ethernet connection. 

3. Check the monitor settings and firmware version.

"The monitor is using for other anaesthetic sheet"

1. Finalize all the anesthetic sheets for all patients started before.

2. Unregister and then register the monitor in the Surgery Admin application.

After these troubleshooting steps, try to connect the monitor to the anesthetic sheet and start anesthesia as usual. 

If the issue still remains unresolved, please create the support ticket providing us with the answers to the following questions:

  1. Which troubleshooting attempts did you try, and what was the result?

  2. What error notification do you receive on the iPad when you try to connect a monitor?

  3. Are there any other monitors in the clinic integrated with the Smart Flow? If yes, do they work properly?

  4. Were there any changes to the configuration or structure of your local network before this issue occurred?

We will do our best to help you as soon as possible.

We hope you found this information useful!