One of the special features of SmartFlow is to give us reminders for each treatment, this can be pretty useful in busy clinics to ensure all treatments are complete.

When there are active patients on the Whiteboard, SmartFlow will remind you that there are patients who are due to be treated. 

NOTE: The number in the red area next to the patient's image indicates that there are overdue treatments, and this number correlates with the number of missed hours of treatment (not specific procedures) at the moment. Empty yellow cells correspond to the upcoming treatments, while the number in the cells denotes missed treatments. This number shows a timeline sequence in which treatments were missed and helps you organize the workflow. Follow the numbers to catch up on all overdue treatments. In the emergency cases, you can perform the procedures in your own order, and SmartFlow will automatically rearrange the sequence on the whiteboard so that you do not miss anything. After you have completed all the scheduled procedures, a large checkmark appears in the yellow box: 


To execute any treatment from the web or iPad please follow the steps below:

From the iPad

Select the patient you wish to treat. The Flowsheet will have all the treatments you need to complete (we recommend completing them Top to Bottom). Press and hold the cell in which you would like to execute the treatment. Add your comments (either type in a comment, choose from the drop-down menu, input a photo, initials, etc.) and tap Next/Done:

As you complete you will be automatically moved to the next treatment on the list.

NOTE: Please follow the same procedure while on the Anesthetic Sheet.

From the web 

This process is very similar. Simply click on the cell to execute, enter the value or comment and press enter:

Then you will be able to execute the next procedure from the list.

Watch THIS video for an overview of how to complete patient treatments on the web & iPad.

Please note that the video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product Evolves!

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We hope you found this information useful!