We are excited to release lots of new features in December 2017!

Form improvements:

Editing & creating forms on the web is now much easier, due to the Properties page having been merged into the Forms page. The form Properties are now accessible on the right hand side of the Forms page:

You can now search your list of properties that you wish to add to the form:

Or add a new property via the "+ADD NEW" button:

You can then type the title of the property you wish to add, for example 'Contact telephone number':

Select the Type of property you wish to add from the dropdown list, & hit "SAVE":

Multi Photos is a new feature. This has multiple uses, one being for admission or boarding intake forms, allowing you to record items that the owner may wish to leave with their pet. 

Radiobuttons & Checkboxes are new features. Here are examples of Radiobuttons:

Step-by-step instructions for creating Radiobuttons:

We use the same process to drag & drop the properties on the form, but we can now edit the property by clicking on the 'pencil' icon:

We now have a new selection of buttons across the top of the Forms page:

PDF PREVIEW: Allows you to view a preview of your form, prior to publishing it.

REMOVE FROM IPADS: This un-publishes a form.

SAVE: Saves the form AND publishes the form on the iPads.

SAVE AS: Allows you to save the form elsewhere, e.g. not on the iPads.

Form integration:

eVetPractice & ezyVet forms are now integrated, so a patient created in Smart Flow using the forms functionality will now also create the patient in eVetPractice / ezyVet.

Documents Management:

This is new menu within your account settings, which allows you to manage which documents you would like to keep after the patient is discharged.

An explanation of the settings options:

EXPORT DOCUMENTS TO EMR: Switching this setting to "YES" allows your integrated EMR to receive the documents from Smart Flow. PLEASE NOTE YOU WILL ONLY BE ABLE TO SELECT YES IF YOU HAVE AN INTEGRATED EMR.

SAVE TO DISK: Allows the documents to download to the folder of your choice on your computer, after the patient is discharged.

MERGE REPORTS INTO ONE PDF: Some EMRs do not allow multiple file attachments at the same time. This functionality allows you to merge all of the patient's files into one document once the patient is discharged.


As part of the release, this setting for 'Merge Reports into one PDF' will have been switched to 'ON' by default. 

Please manually change this switch if you wish to revert back to your previous settings:

You can also now select which files you would like to retain after discharge:

Your Clinic Logo upload option is now also within the Documents Management settings:

PDF reports will now include the patient discharge date:

The only exceptions to this are the Anesthetic Reports, which will contain the DATE OF FINALIZATION. 

Merging treatment sheets:

We have an exciting new feature for merging treatment sheets when changing templates, which is clearly explained by Dr. Ivan in this video:


Medication 'Notes' will now transfer to the medical records document:

Any Notes added to the medication window, for example, instructions about administering the medication slowly will now appear within the Medical Records document:

Inventory Settings:

There have been a few changes relating to Smart Flow inventory settings, as detailed in the following document:

Updates to Smart Flow Inventory Settings