You can easily create a Dental Chart for any active patient to record dental inspection results or performed treatments. 

NOTE: Like the Anesthetic Sheet, Dental Chart is only available from the iPad. 

1. Tap the Dashboard button from the patient's flowsheet:

Or just pinch the screen:

2. Tap Select Template under the Dental Chart icon and choose a template for your patient:

3. Then you will see an interactive dental chart:

NOTE: We recommend taking photos before and after treatment, please read THIS article for more details.

4. For quick dental examination, select the tooth condition option (at the bottom of the screen) - Extracted, Missing, or Healthy, and then mark each tooth by tapping on it. It worth pointing out that you can also interact with the teeth in a side view from above and below: 

NOTE: You can also select the whole quarter by tapping Select All button, and then deselect any tooth of a different condition. If you click Select All by mistake, you can easily discard changes by clicking on this button again.

In some cases, it may be more convenient to use zoom mode when assigning a tooth condition. Press the magnifier button in the center of the Dental Chart:

To continue selection:

NOTE: All the changes will be saved automatically. 

If you need to record a detailed diagnosis and treatment for each particular tooth, please follow THESE steps.

5. Tap the notes icon to add a note to the entire Dental Chart:

Usually, dental procedures are accompanied by monitoring of anesthesia so you can switch between the Anesthetic Sheet and Dental Chart with one click. Please read THIS article for more details.

6. Dental Chart should be finalized once the treatment is complete. After the finalization Dental Report will be available along with any other reports (please read THIS article for reference).

NOTE. At this time, you can only have one Dental Chart per hospitalization, so once you finalize it, you will not be able to create another Dental Chart for the same patient. That is why, if you have an incorrect Dental Chart, we recommend deleting it, rather than finalizing it.

We hope you found this information useful!