There is no need to wait for a patient to be discharged, PDF documents can be downloaded or emailed at any time during a patient's treatment. 

NOTE: If you currently using SmartFlow - Cornerstone integration, you do not need to wait for the patient discharge or attach reports manually. All PDF reports will be automatically added to your Cornerstone account upon finalization in SmartFlow (details can be found HERE).

From the Web:

At the bottom of a patient's flowsheet, you will find all PDF documents listed. Click on any of these files in order to view/download it:

From the iPad:

You can access all of these PDF documents from the Dashboard > Forms page. For this tap the Dashboard button or pinch the screen:

Tap on Forms icon:

Then open any required Reports pdf:

Also, you can browse PDFs of Flowsheet, Billing, Medical records, or Notes from the patient's flowsheet. Tap More actions button (...) and choose whatever you need from the documents listed below:   

After that, a preview will be opened where you need to tap Send in the upper right. The PDF document will then be downloaded or emailed, depending on your account settings. Once the document has been downloaded, tap Flowsheet/Back in the upper left corner and return to the patient: 

NOTE: When necessary, you can print SmartFlow PDF reports right from the iPad. Before you tap Print button in the upper right corner of the screen, please make sure that:

We hope you found this information useful!