The success of our business depends on your continued satisfaction of our product and our service. We have a specialized team of experienced technicians called 'Customer Success Managers' that will focus on your success and always work to help you realize your full potential using Smart Flow.  

Our Customer Success Managers are the same people that support onsite implementations, so they are always up to speed with best practices and the application of new features. 

They schedule calls with you when they are not traveling, and leverage additional insights from our software to identify trends and opportunities you might not see on your own. 

They will help analyze your Workflow Analytics and can recommend possible changes in process to get better results. 

Please make sure that you dedicate a 'Champion' to maintain post - implementation relationships with your CSM. Be sure this is someone working with Smart Flow regularly (ideally every day!) so they can work with your CSM to get the most from our software.

There are two ways to engage with a Customer Success Manager:

  • If you have a question about your account, a new release, or you have plans to expand your Smart Flow functionality - you can reach out to your CSM to arrange a time to review. 
  • Customer Success Manager will reach out to you at least every quarter to make sure that you are happy with a product and that you are aware of all upcoming releases and news.

Customer Success Managers focus on proactively optimizing the value you get from Smart Flow.  

NOTE: For day to day questions / bugs / 'how-to' items, or in the case of an emergency, our Support Department is your most reliable source of quick answers and insights.