Smart Flow allows you to sign into multiple clinic accounts using an individual login. First of all the clinic manager needs to invite the individual to join their account. 

NOTE: The user must already have a Smart Flow account in order to be invited.

1. As a manager, login to your Smart Flow web admin account and access the Users settings page:

2. Scroll to the bottom of the user list > enter the First and Last Name, email, Role the user wishes to add > and then click SAVE:

3. You will then receive a message asking if you would like to Add Users or Add Users with Trainings:

In this example, we assume that the person you wish to add has already completed their Smart Flow training, so the simple Add Users option can be selected. Once clicked, you will receive confirmation that the user was successfully added, you can then click OK:

4. Then to activate the user on your user list, please click the Activate button next to the user information:

5. An invitation email will then be sent to the user, containing a link allowing you to switch between accounts:

6. Thereafter, when the user logs into their account, they will have the option to  Switch Locations from the Settings menu:

NOTE: That the Switch Location option in the Settings menu will be visible only for a user who has been registered in multiple locations.

7. The user will be notified which account they are currently logged into and the user will be given an option to select an alternative location from the drop-down menu:

Switching locations from the iPad

1. To switch locations while using an iPad, first select the rolodex icon from Whiteboard

2. If iPad Security is enabled the user will need to be logged into SmartFlow with their corresponding email address and password for the Location Selection popup to appear.

3. If the user is already singed into one location press the left-facing arrow to navigate back to the Location Selection popup.


NOTE: The Location Selection popup will only display available Locations. To return to the current location, select the right-facing arrow.

Please watch THIS video to find out how to switch between locations.

Please note that the attached video is an illustration and is subject to change as our product evolves!