When you use the Animana - Smart Flow integration to discharge the patient from Smart Flow it is necessary to:

1. Open your Animana account > find the required patient > open the Patient File tab > click the green Smart Flow ✅ (discharge from) button: 

2. Please confirm the action, by clicking the OK button in the pop-up window. The patient will then be discharged from Smart Flow automatically:

NOTE: In order to prevent data loss, a patient that has an active anesthetic sheet or has not finalized forms in Smart Flow can not be discharged. In this case you will get an Error notification pop up message:

  • In case of an active anesthetic sheet:
  • In case forms not finalized:

Please check and finalize the anesthetic sheet or forms for the patient, before repeating the discharge steps.

3. Once the discharge is completed successfully, the little Smart Flow icon, next to the patient information, will disappear, and also you will have a corresponding record in the patient History:

NOTE: From now the SmartFlow + button will be available again for this patient (see the above screenshot).

Please also set up your Smart Flow account to automatically send all the pdf Patient Records after the discharge.