Sometimes it can happen that after adding a fluid / medication parameter with a non-zero amount, it is synchronized with ezyVet with the zero quantity. This will result in incorrect clinical records and absence of billing for this patient. In order to prevent this, it is necessary to make sure that the parameter was added to the flowsheet completely.

Below is an example of the situation when the LRS IV Fluid 1L Bag was added to the Smart Flow sheet fluid with the quantity of 2, however once synchronized with ezyVet it appeared with a quantity of zero:

Please check, if in the Settings > Parameters the ezyVet Events for this parameter (eg. LRS IV Fluid 1L Bag) is switched to ON:

However, even after this the parameter in the ezyVet account - Smart Flow Events list can still be uploaded with a zero quantity:

In this case, the value "qty" is displayed as 0, since the parameter mentioned has not been added to the flowsheet completely: 

To prevent this from happening, while adding parameter to the flowsheet, please be sure to click on the Done button as shown on the screenshot below:


For better understanding, please see below the results of adding parameters in the correct and incorrect manner:

This will result in the following billing:

As soon as you discovered any incorrectly added fluid / medication parameter on the flowsheet, please open it, put the required dosage and click Done, so that the system will recognize updates and apply it to the whole flowsheet.

ALSO NOTE: There are some additional steps that should be taken if you have already put some notes into the cells (executed it). If this item is situated under the Medication section, the system will update the quantity in the patient's reports automatically right after changes have been made. However, if the item is in the Fluid section then you should manually reenter all the notes put by clicking on it and then clicking Done, so that all quantities shown in the patient's documents are updated.

We hope you found this information useful!