As you know, Cornerstone has 6 different types of phone numbers that you can add to customer information:

However, not all of them can be sent to SmartFlow. At the moment we have only two phone types in SmartFlow that can be connected:

  • Telephone - will be one of the following Home, Cellular, or Pager from Cornerstone;

  • Alt. Telephone - Work, Spouse's Work, or Fax from Cornerstone.

After patient check-in, the Cornerstone customer data will be sent to SmartFlow, and it creates the patient according to the recognized data.  Remember that if you have multiple phone numbers that can be associated with a single SmartFlow item only one of them will be saved in SmartFlow. For example, you have entered both Home and Cellular phone for the customer, which should be displayed as a Telephone in SmartFlow. Although both values will be sent, only the Cellular will be saved in SmartFlow. 

We will improve this behavior as the integration deepens, but in the meantime, please check to see if the desired phone number has been sent to SmartFlow, or add it manually:

We hope you found this information useful!