Once a clinic has subscribed for SmartFlow, we provide staff training via our SmartFlow University. HERE is a link to access our training courses. The SmartFlow University consists of short videos followed by some multiple-choice quizzes. The course will only take 1-1½ hours and will help you understand how SmartFlow improves patient care in your practice:                                                


There are multiple courses designed for different staff within the clinic. Each section is designed and developed to suit the needs of the staff members using it. Technicians, receptionists, management, and veterinarians all have specific videos and workshops that we use to train them and give helpful hints on using the program:


There is no time limit for completion of the training, however, we usually recommend completing it within 2 weeks before you go live and start using SmartFlow in your clinic.

Once a staff member has completed the training, they will be awarded with a certificate which can be printed and within 24 hours of completing the course they will receive an email with their login credentials for Smart Flow.

NOTE: The training course remains available indefinitely once completed and is a handy resource that can be referred to at any point in the future:

We hope you found this information useful!