In RxWorks software Synchronization settings please go into Options > Visit > Hospitalisation Providers > Smartflow, and click on Synchronize Configuration (more about RxWorks Synchronization you can find in THIS article). Then, it usually lets you know that the sync is completed. However, sometimes you may have an issue with adding doctor with the following pop-up message:

Error from SmartFlow - BadRequest : {"Message": "Please add doctor using your practice software."]

It appears when selecting the Admit button from within the RxWorks software after previous steps and, as a result, can't log into RxWorks with this doctor's credentials.

The first thing you should do is to check if EMR integration section in the Settings of the SmartFlow interface (Settings >  EMR) is showing as accepting inventory (more about our EMR Integration section you can read HERE):

You can always check the list of doctors that have synced from your RxWorks software during patient creation in SmartFlow when you're filling Doctor on Duty field:

If the SmartFlow settings are correct but the doctor is not yet available in the drop-down list, please push the doctor manually from RxWorks to SmartFlow following THESE steps.

Once you receive confirmation pop-up, click OK button to finalize:

We hope you found this information useful!